The Kellaways. - Starting off as a trio of friends who formed a studio band in 1990, The Kellaways have stayed that way for over 12 years and through 7 albums – a group for whom the term "back pocket" could have been invented. (Perhaps they are proof that, without the rigours of the road, or needing to make money from music, stability and band are not mutually exclusive terms). The band features original songs from the pen of singer-songwriter Alf Davies, the accomplished acoustic guitars and harmony vocals of John Dean, and the multi-faceted playing, harmonizing and production skills of Ken Stephenson.

Alf is first and foremost a story-teller, and his lyrics tell the tale of wide-ranging experience in Australia and overseas, shifting easily from Celtic- and folk-influenced ballads, to country laments, to rock/pop songs with a twist of humour. Over the years the band’s style has changed though never been pinned down; these are songs from the heart, demonstrating a sharp eye for the quirks, follies and redeeming features of people, society, and life itself, while providing a vehicle for the musicianship and production skills of Ken and John.

ALF DAVIES - vocals, songs

JOHN DEAN - acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, backing vocals

KEN STEPHENSON - guitars, dobro, keyboards, bass, percussion, backing vocals, production

The Kellaways Discography:

Albums available on Bandcamp

1990 - Cube It And Bent

1993 - Wind In Your Sail

1995 - Nothing To Wear

1996 - Took A Shine

1998 - Warhorse

1999 - Paradise: Lost

2000 - Through The Nineties Quietly Vol. 1 & 2

2002 - Beyond The Pale

2005 - Songs Of Middle Earth - The Ringbearers

2006 - Been Away


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