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This page has a selection of songs written by Alf that you can listen to. The songs have gaps in the lyrics, and you can select according to the form of language (eg. verbs, nouns, or mixed grammar gaps) that you would like to practise:

Alf's Songs for Improving English
Song Style Gap Type Comment
Verb Noun Mixed Grammar
Tall Trees Folk No No Yes a great Australian tragedy
Paradise Rock No Yes No uses Australian idiom and terms
Ever Clever Pop/Rock Yes No No
Innocent 6/8 Blues No No Yes music from the bar-room floor
Summer Storm Pop/Rock No No Yes

How To Use The Songs To Practise

  1. Click on the image below to play the song as a RealAudio file. You can down load RealAudio free by clicking on the link at the bottom of this table. There may be some delay in downloading RealAudio files for users with dial-up connections.
  2. Listen to the song twice or until you think you have guessed the missing words (shown as lines) in the lyrics below.
  3. Listen again, this time passing the mouse over the word-gaps as the song progresses. The missing words will be displayed.
  4. If you want to see all the words to the song click on any of the word-gap images.



(Words and Music : Alf Davies)

They grew far away in a foreign land
No one had seen them, not first-hand
But everybody knew, the south was where they grew
Blue sky all day in a foreign land

Then came the men, the axe and the saw
The tall trees watched a cancer taking more
Every sapling knew, its time would soon come due
They grew straight and proud in this foreign land

Link to Real File (498kB)
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listen to the song
(RealMedia - 498kB)

People saw the photos , trees wider than a house
Standing on the trunk and look no bigger than a mouse
These wonders of the world reached up
To meet a clear blue sky, so high
They're all gone, all gone

First they took the tall trees close at hand
Then word filtered through of a bigger stand
Started a new push, deep into the bush
They grew far away in a distant vale

Then the forests heard the deathly sound
The screaming chainsaw ripping big ones down
A sad and sorry fact, can't find an alpine ash
They grew far away in another time


They grew far away in another time
They grew far away in another time
They grew far away in another time
They grew far away in another time


(Words and Music : Alf Davies)

I didn't do it, I swear that it's true
For all my shortcomings, I'd never hurt you
The last thing I'd do

I didn't say it, though I said enough
I could have abused, but I'm not that rough
I'm more off the cuff

Link to Real File (519kB)
Click on the image to
listen to the song
(RealMedia - 519kB)

I heard nothing, I saw nothing
I said nothing, I am innocent


I didn't hear it, if I had I'd say
Now I hear rumours, of your night-time play
My feet set in clay

I didn't even think it, my brain not in gear
Faithful, unblinking, for more than a year
Now I have paid dear


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