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The Music of the Kellaways

Alf is singer/songwriter for The Kellaways, a three-piece band who formed in 1990, and have since recorded nine albums. The latest album, "Been Away" (2006) is the first recorded in Alf's home studio after 15 years of reliance on the consummate skills of fellow Kellaway, Ken Stephenson - the master of the original Back Pocket studio evolution. The previous album saw the band temporarily change their name for a foray into Tolkien territory: the result was "Songs of Middle Earth" recorded under the moniker of The Ring-Bearers. Previously came "Beyond The Pale" (2002), including rock and pop songs with a lyrical twist, some more introspective material, and the usual Kellaway political and social comment. The web-site covers extra territory from the previous 6 albums.

The Kellaways are just one of the various artists comprising the Back Pocket Records stable. Samples songs from the last four Kellaways album and a collection from the first 5 albums (all including full sets of lyrics) can be found using the links below:

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