Ken Stephenson is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, recording engineer and software developer from Melbourne, Australia.

Amongst numerous recording projects, Ken co-produced an award winning album with his daughter JO KELLY STEPHENSON'I See Flowers, You See Cars' won Alt-Country - Album of the Year in the USA for the popular vote and Album Finalist - Judges Vote in the 7th Independent Music Awards (IMA). Ken and Jo Kelly have continued to work together producing award winning songs both nationally and internationally. The latest being 2009 second place win in the 16th Annual Billboard Song Contest for an R&B Blues track.

He recently recorded the song 'Queensland' with ROSS RYAN for his 'Difficult Third Compilation'.

2016 finds him recording bluegrass band HillWilliams and working with Aria Stone on a new album 'Scowling Pair'.

a bit of history...

Ken started out playing guitar, keyboards and writing in bands on Sydney's Northern Beaches in the 1970s. After periods in Queensland with 'Kuta' and 'Banshee', and another Sydney stint with 'Winter' (now 'active' as MEN WITH DAY JOBS), he arrived in Melbourne in 1979, working for a couple of years as recording engineer at 'Crystal Clear Studio', and playing in bands such as 'The Name', 'Exploding Cats' and 'Moose Malone'. The mid 80s saw a change of direction with the decision to stop playing live gigs and concentrate on writing and setting up a project recording studio. With a growing interest in electronics and the purchase of a Commodore 64 computer in 1984, Ken found that a career as a software developer beckoned, which continues to the present. Meanwhile the studio quietly ticks along producing 1 or 2 albums per year, with the focus on recording original material from Ken and other local songwriters.

Selective discography - listen on BANDCAMP

Scowling Pair

Aria Stone - Ken Stephenson - 2016

Bent Penny's One Tree Hill

Ken Stephenson - Mark Bannerman - 2015


Late Check Out - 2014

Bent Penny's East End Of The House

Ken Stephenson - Mark Bannerman - 2013


Ken Stephenson - 2012

The Sunset Clause

Ken Stephenson - 2010

Rutherglen Road

Diana Wolfe - 2010

4 Characters

Men With Day Jobs - 2010

I See Flowers, You See Cars

Jo Kelly Stephenson - 2008

An Ordinary Circumstance

Flat Planet - 2005

Welcome To Alligator

Flat Planet - 2003

Beyond The Pale

The Kellaways - 2002


Ken Stephenson - 2000

Flat Planet

Flat Planet - 2000


Ken Stephenson - 1996

Exit Counsellor

Ken Stephenson - 1993

The Diamond Coast

Ken Stephenson - 1992

The Electronic Loungeroom

Ken Stephenson - 1983