Chris Morgan and Ken Stephenson met in the early 1990's and soon teamed together to write and record music.

The music of Flat Planet features haunting lyrics set to a truly unique sound. Somewhere, between the swamp and a long, hard train ride is the imagery and bluesy feel of Flat Planet.

Chris has recently turned his hand to writing in a different world. His first novel 'Island of Four Rivers' was published in 2006 by Scribe and children's books Pirates Eat Porridge (2006) and Pirates Drive Buses (2007) by Allen & Unwin.

Flat Planet, the first CD, represents an exploration of the American rural experience superimposed onto the Australian urban lifestyle. It talks of experiences that, although maybe not known first hand, are still known well enough. Small towns, South American railways, the beauty in accepting a  love as lost, shrunken visions in a big world, breadth of vision in a small world, crime waves in heat waves, tragedy as a source of forlorn hope, and hope as a source of forlorn tragedy.

This is an album which was launched from an acoustic, stark base, and features some spine tingling songs. Some are whimsical, some are dark, but none are without an inherent lyrical humour and a crisp turn of melody.

However, the seeds of growth were also planted, and Welcome To Alligator represents a true flowering. Whilst continuing to feature Chris and Ken's lead vocals and song-writing, the addition of a fine rhythm section comprising bassist/vocalist Shaun O'Brien and versatile drummer Lee Davidson, means that Flat Planet are no longer only alive in the studio. We now hear a complete swamp/country-blues band which retains the fresh, driving acoustic guitar underlay - though they have a sound that still can't be that easily defined. The recording is economical, the guitars are clean, the keyboards are there only when needed, and the vocals swing from sparse to full-blown harmonies with ease and conviction.